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Chandler's family

Charles Bing

Charles Bing is the father of Chandler Bing. He divorced Chandler's mother Nora Tyler Bing after admitting he was gay. He and Nora Bing told Chandler they were separating after Thanksgiving dinner. By that time—Chandler was nine years old— his father had an affair with the pool boy. Since then was a drag queen and even attended Chandler's high school swimming events dressed as a different starlet each time. Chandler mentions that he slept with a Mr Garibaldi. He now has a show in Las Vegas under the name Viva Las Gaygas and performs under the pseudonym Helena Handbasket at The Four Queens, where Mr Garibaldi accompanies him at the piano. According to Ross, Charles once "put on a black cocktail dress and asked him up to a hotel room", Chandler also mentions him in The One with the Dollhouse when Phoebe's self made dollhouse has lights and blows bubbles "hey my fathers house does that!"

Nora Tyler Bing

Nora Tyler Bing is the mother of Chandler Bing and ex-wife to Charles Bing. A graphic adult novelist, she divorced her husband when she learned of his sexuality and his affair with the pool boy when Chandler is very young (Chandler hates Thanksgiving and all Thanksgiving food because they told him they were separating at Thanksgiving dinner). Charles Bing claims he is leaving Nora for their house boy. Their divorce triggered Chandler to start using humor as a defense mechanism. In the One with Mrs Bing she appeared on TV with her new book and revealed gave Chandler his first condom. She once tried to seduce Ross Geller; when Chandler found out, he declared "You kissed my best Ross! or... something to that effect". She appeared again at Chandler's wedding where she came face to face with her ex-husband who was now a drag queen. At the wedding reception she introduces Chandler to her new boyfriend and Broadway director, Dennis Phillips, much to Joey's delight. She has been married four times.

Ross and Monica's family

Jack Geller

Jack Geller is the father of Ross Geller and Monica Geller and husband to Judy Geller. He is best known for his ill-timed, inappropriate comments, such as addressing a character while in London as a "thieving, would-be-speaking-German-if-it-weren't-for-us, cheap little man". He led his in-laws to believe that he's an attorney, although his line of work is never defined. He secretly smoked cigarettes, claiming that the cigarettes Ross found around the house were Judy's.

Judy Geller

Judith "Judy" Geller is the mother of Ross Geller and Monica Geller and wife to Jack Geller. She has one sister, Lilian, played by Elinor Donahue. She is critical of Monica, in particular her usual lack of a boyfriend and she favors Ross. She is the least sympathetic of the two. Her intense, albeit well-meant, criticism of Monica may in some way be responsible for Monica's obsessive sense of cleanliness and order. Indeed it's clear that despite their problems, Monica and Judy are extremely similar. As Judy said to Monica in The One Where Nana Dies Twice, Nana was the same way to Judy as Judy is to Monica (although Judy was thinking she hadn't turned out like Nana).

Rachel's Family

Dr. Leonard Green

Dr. Leonard Green, a cardiologist, is Rachel's father. He is an overbearing perfectionist who demands perfection from his children. He and his wife divorced shortly after Rachel left her unfaithful fiancé, Barry the orthodontist, at the altar (Rachel found out when her mother came to visit in The One With The Lesbian Wedding. Her mother told Rachel, "You didn't marry your Barry, honey, but I married mine." While Dr. Green and Rachel have a fairly fractious relationship, he said to his friends and youngest daughter Jill (but not to Rachel) that Rachel is the only one of his children of whom he is proud.

Dr. Green detests Ross and is highly critical of him, especially after he finds out Ross got Rachel pregnant, but would not marry her. Ron Leibman once said of his character: "I have won a Tony... but everyone asks, 'Aren't you Rachel's Dad?'"

Sandra Green

Sandra Green is Rachel's mother. Sandra initially displays many of Rachel's characteristics before Rachel set out on her own, including dependence on others for money, lack of respect for people in low-wage jobs, and a lenient attitude towards marriage. However, upon seeing Rachel happy as an independent woman, Sandra says that she also desires to be independent.

In her first appearance, Sandra asks Monica and Rachel if they have any marijuana, and "What's new in sex?" as part of celebrating her separation from estranged husband, Dr. Green. Later, Sandra dances with a "wonderfully large woman" at Carol (Ross' first wife) and Susan's lesbian wedding, noting that while it wasn't necessarily something she would pursue, it was "Nice to know I have options". In the same episode, upon seeing the Ugly Naked Guy, Sandra comments on his actions, referring to him as an "unattractive nude man".

Amy Green

Amy Green is one of Rachel's sisters. Amy visits Rachel twice, both times because of boyfriend problems. She repeatedly calls Emma, Rachel and Ross' daughter, by wrong names, Emmette, Ella and Emily. The first time Amy sees Emma, Amy declares "You know what would be great? If you guys died!", thinking she would inherit Emma, and her trials and tribulations would be made into a movie (similar to Baby Boom with Diane Keaton).

Jill Green

Jill Green is one of Rachel's sisters. Jill comes to the apartment looking for Rachel, attempting to start a new life, as Rachel did. Though their father, Dr. Green, has cut off Jill from her enormous spending, Jill can't break the habit and continues excessive shopping. Worse yet, she dates Ross to spite Rachel. In a later episode featuring Rachel's other sister Amy, it is revealed that Jill has been on Atkin's Diet, but "carbs found her". Amy tells Rachel Jill has gained weight in her "ass and face" and her real food weakness is garlic bread. Despite conflicts, Rachel gets along with Jill better than she does with Amy. Played by Reese Witherspoon

Phoebe's Family

Frank Buffay Sr.

Often mentioned, Frank Buffay Sr. walked out on his twins Phoebe and Ursula, and later his son Frank Jr. Frank Sr. appears only once, when Phoebe's adoptive grandmother (Lily's mother) dies. Phoebe confronts Frank Sr. and it's obvious that he has commitment phobia. However, he explains to Phoebe that the reason he left was that he felt he was a horrible father to her and could never make her stop crying as an infant--even when he sang songs; one of these songs is "Sleepy Girl", which is the same tune that Phoebe has used for her famous "Smelly Cat." He only appeared in "The One With Joey's Bag."

Frank Buffay Jr

Frank Buffay Jr. is Phoebe and Ursula's half brother. Phoebe discovered Frank on one of her attempts to find her father, Frank Sr., who walked out on her and her twin sister when they were children. Frank Sr. also left Frank Jr.'s family, as Phoebe finds out. Frank Jr. has a punctured lung, was arrested for stealing birds' eggs, likes to melt things, and owned a dog named "Tumor". He also believed that 'massage parlor' was a euphemism for brothel, thereby wrongly presuming his sister, Phoebe, was a prostitute.

Frank announces to Phoebe that he is dating his home economics teacher, Alice (played by Debra Jo Rupp), in season three. He accidentally continues to call Alice 'Mrs. Knight'. Although at first apprehensive, Phoebe realizes that the two are genuinely in love.

Ursula Buffay

Ursula Pamela Buffay originally appeared as a ditzy waitress in the sitcom Mad About You, working at Paul and Jamie's favorite New York City restaurant, Riff's. When Lisa Kudrow was cast as Phoebe, who also lives in New York City, producers decided to have the character cross over into "Friends". Ursula's apartment is in SoHo while Phoebe and her friends live in the Village.

Phoebe Abbott

Phoebe Abbott is Phoebe and Ursula Buffay's birth mother. Phoebe Buffay finds her mother living in a seaside house in Montauk, New York. Her two biggest passions are pottery and erotica—or erotery, as Phoebe Buffay calls it. Mrs. Abbott also likes Beatles music, pizza, and puppies. When she learns that Phoebe (Buffay) intends to be a surrogate mother for Frank Jr. and Alice, she opposes the idea. She lends her daughter a Pug puppy with the intention of teaching her that giving up something you love (like a puppy) is very difficult and will be even harder if it is a child.

Frank Jr Jr, Leslie, and Chandler

Frank Jr. Jr., Leslie and Chandler are Alice and Frank's children. Phoebe was the surrogate mother, giving birth to them in The One Hundredth. Frank Jr. Jr. is named after the father (Chandler: Wouldn't that make him Frank the third? Alice: Don't get me started!). Alice named Leslie. Pheobe named Chandler after Chandler, even though the baby was actually a girl. The third child was believed to be a boy and Phoebe was given the honor to name him in season 4, episode 18.

Joey's Family

Joseph Tribbiani Sr and Gloria Tribbiani

Joseph Tribbiani Sr is Joey's father. He has a pipe fitting business and lives with his wife Gloria in Queens. Both appeared in the episode The One with the Boobies. Joseph Sr is also conducting a long-term extra-marital affair with a pet mortician named Ronni Rappelano. Although Joey disapproves of this state of affairs, he is forced to accept it when his mother reminds him how much happier his father is now that he has a "hobby", and that their marriage is much better due to Joseph Sr.'s shame about the affair and how he is that much more attentive.

In The One with Ross's New Girlfriend, Chandler goes to Joey's tailor to have a pair of trousers altered. The tailor however, seems to take trouser altering as an excuse to inspect the crotch of his clients. At first, Joey is reluctant to believe what the tailor has done, but he is eventually convinced and calls his father to tell him about the situation.

Joey's sisters

Joey has seven sisters - Gina, Tina, Dina, Mary-Angela, Mary-Therese, Veronica and Cookie. In the episode The One Where Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister, all seven arrive at Chandler and Joey's apartment for Joey's birthday party, with Chandler getting drunk and fooling around with one of them, then not remembering which it was. It turned out to be Mary-Angela.


Ben Geller

Ben Geller(born during The One with the Birth, end of Season 1, aired on May 11, 1995) is Ross, Carol and Susan's son. Ben's first name came from the janitor uniform that Phoebe donned when she, Susan and Ross were locked in a broom closet at the hospital during Carol's labor. Ben's surname is never specifically stated (it's either Ben Geller-Willick-Bunch, or Ben Geller). While Susan and Carol wanted Ben's name to be Ben Willick-Bunch, Ross wanted to be Ben Geller-Willick-Bunch so people would only say Ben Geller. He lives with Carol and her lesbian life partner, Susan. He appeared in thirteen episodes. He has a half-sister, Emma, and two adopted cousins, Jack and Erica.

Emma Geller-Green

Ross and Rachel's daughter. Rachel's pregnancy was originally revealed in the season finale of Season 7. Emma is born in "The One Where Rachel Has a Baby, Part Two." The name Emma was originally chosen by Monica as the name she wanted to use for her future daughter. Before deciding on "Emma", Ross and Rachel discussed several other names like "Delilah" (nixed because Rachel felt it made her sound like "a Biblical whore") and "Isabella." However, ironically, in a season 2 episode, Ross states he would name his daughter "Emily", but it is possible that Ross decided against this name after his failed disaster of a marriage to second wife Emily. While still living with Ross and Rachel, Emma laughs at her parents singing "Baby Got Back", Rachel is afraid to admit that she can not make her laugh any other way.

Jack and Erica Bing

Twins Jack and Erica appear in the final episode, when biological mother Erica gave birth to two babies instead of the expected one, they were expecting one because when the doctor read the sonogram he said "both hearts sound healthy" Erica thinking the doctor meant her heart and the baby's told Monica and Chandler that she was only expecting one child. Chandler and Monica, unable to conceive, are selected by Erica to adopt the twins. Jack was named after his adoptive grandfather and Erica after her biological mother. They are shown in Apartment 20, with the rest of the group before leaving with Chandler and Monica to go live in their new home.

Other characters


Gunther is the manager of the Central Perk coffee house, where the six main characters spent a great deal of their free time. Gunther is a background character for the first couple of seasons, until the character developed an unrequited crush on Rachel in the third season, which he kept to himself until the series finale, though his jealousy of Ross is made clear numerous times, most notably in "The One the Morning After" when he reveals to Rachel that Ross cheated on her (but they were on a break as Ross claimed). In "The One With the Worst Best Man Ever" Chandler announces Gunther will be his best man after a disagreement with Ross and Joey. Gunther replies by asking Chandler if he even knows his last name to which Chandler replies "Centralperk?" Tyler appears as Gunther in a co-host voice-over in the Friends trivia game for PS2, PC and Xbox, and in the board game Friends: Scene It?. Gunther can also speak Dutch.

Susan Bunch

Susan Bunch is the lesbian life partner of Ross Geller's ex-wife Carol Willick. Susan is a vegetarian as stated in 'The One With The Dozen Lasangas'. Susan and Carol had an affair while Carol was married to Ross. Susan's occupation is unstated, though there's mention that she was helping shoot a mini pad commercial. Ross and Susan didn't get along well: Ross resented Susan for "stealing" Carol away from him; Susan resented Ross for his romantic history with Carol as well as his awkward behavior around her. Susan's father appears to be in the military and both her parents seem very supportive and accepting of her relationship with Carol.

Mr. Heckles

Mr. Heckles lived in the apartment below Monica and Rachel. In his first appearance, he was credited simply as "The Weird Man". He often complained about the apparent noise that the two made (though seemingly they were not making any noise at all) by rapping on his apartment ceiling with a broom.

Mr. Heckles appears again in a flashback, where it is revealed that his illusions were the main reason Joey became Chandler's roommate instead of a model photographer with a porn star sister.


Jasmine is one of Phoebe's coworkers at the massage parlor and is also Gunther's roommate. Her brother is Isaac from the copy place. She appeared in "The One With the Stoned Guy", "The One the Morning After", and "The One With Frank Jr."


Joanna was Rachel's boss at Bloomingdale's. She dated Chandler in a few episodes and while he at first considers her "a big, dull dud" he eventually learns she is into bondage. In "The One With The Cuffs" Joanna handcuffs Chandler to her chair and leaves him handcuffed in her office. In "The One Where They're Going to Party", she was hit by a cab and died. Before Joanna died she had promised to promote Rachel and give her a raise and a new office. However Rachel learns that Joanna did not sign any papers or inform anyone about Rachel's promotion, therefore Rachel does not get promoted. A few episodes later, in "The One With Rachel's Crush", the department formerly headed by Joanna gets eliminated, causing Rachel to end up getting demoted to personal shopper instead.

Alice Knight Buffay

Alice Knight Buffay is the wife of Phoebe's half brother Frank Jr. She met Frank Jr. in one of her high school Home Economics classes she teaches. At first, Phoebe disapproved of the marriage because of the wide age gap between Alice and her brother, Alice being 44 and Frank being only 18. When Ross and Joey are told to talk Frank out of the marriage, Joey wrongly says: "You're 18, she's 44. Now, when you're 36, she's gonna be 88." However, Frank idly responds: "You think I don't know that?" Due to Debra Jo Rupp's commitments to That 70's Show, Alice wasn't seen after that show started.

Estelle Leonard

Estelle Leonard is Joey Tribbiani's withered, smoking, acting agent. Although she did get Joey his breakout role as Dr. Drake Ramoray on the NBC soap opera Days of our Lives, she was not very good at her job for the most part; most of Joey's screen roles were as extras with minimal - if any - lines. Once she even mistakenly thought Joey had left her and tried to sabotage his career, when, in fact, he was still her client. Amongst Estelle's other clients were an act with a 'pyramid of dogs' and Al Zeebooker, a man who eats paper.


Marcel was Ross Geller's pet capuchin monkey during the first season of the series. Ross donated him to the San Diego Zoo after Marcel became sexually aggressive. It was later learned that Marcel was stolen from the zoo, and Ross discovered he was the mascot for a beer company's commercials. They last saw Marcel on the set of Outbreak 2: The Virus Takes Manhattan (Katie, one of the monkeys that played Marcel, in fact played the monkey in Outbreak).

The Chick and The Duck

The Chick and the Duck were a chick and a duck owned by Chandler Bing and Joey Tribbiani. In the episode "The One With a Chick. And a Duck.", Joey originally bought the chick from an animal sanctuary as a gift for Chandler after seeing—and misunderstanding—a news report about people who buy chicks and then find they cannot properly care for them. Phoebe encouraged Chandler to return the chick but Chandler, discovering that the chick was in danger of being euthanized, did not have the heart and returned home with the chick and a duck.

Ugly Naked Guy

Ugly Naked Guy has appeared on screen three times: once while he was suspected of being dead, in "The One with the Giant Poking Device", once with his back facing the camera, and once with Ross (who was also nude, and this scene was only in the DVD version of the episode). His actual name is not known, and never is mentioned. He was a bizarre hermit who obtained his nickname for being morbidly obese and highly unattractive, as well as carrying out household tasks in the nude, with the curtains open. He wasn't always called Ugly Naked Guy, though. In "The One with the Flashback", Phoebe referred to him as Cute Naked Guy, but commented that it was a shame he had been putting on a lot of weight recently. In "The One With the Lesbian Wedding" he is described by Rachel's mother as "an unattractive nude man".

Eddie Menuek

Eddie Menuek was in 3 episodes: "The One Where Eddie Moves In", "The One Where Dr. Ramoray Dies" and "The One Where Eddie Won't Go."
Eddie moved in with Chandler when Joey moved into his own spacious apartment, after he got a job as Dr. Drake Ramoray on 'Days of our Lives', earning a high salary. Chandler and Eddie met at the supermarket where Eddie helped Chandler pick out a chorizo. Chandler later discovers they have nothing in common; Eddie hates Baywatch, foosball and sport, steals mannequins from Macys and dehydrates fruit for fun. Chandler then meets Eddie's ex-girlfriend Tilly, who Eddie claims "ripped out my heart and smeared it all over my life", when she drops off Eddie's old, empty goldfish tank. Eddie, however, seeing Tilly and the empty tank, believes that Chandler slept with her and then killed his fish. Eddie replaces the fish with a Goldfish cracker, which he names Chandler. He later replaces it with a real goldfish and ends up shoving it in his pocket and storming out the door.

Mr. Treeger

Mr. Treeger was the building superintendent at Monica, Rachel, Joey, and Chandler's apartment building. His first appearance is in "The one Where Mr. Heckles dies", when the friends are cleaning Mr Heckles' apartment. He later appears in the second season holiday episode when Monica and Rachel's knob on the heater breaks off, causing their apartment to get very hot. He then, at the party, gets bribed by Ross to get the new knob sooner but he is sure he is making it clear 'It wont come in till Tuesday'.


Erica, from Ohio, is the young woman who gives birth to Chandler and Monica's twins. In "The Last One" (part 1) they name the boy Jack (after Monica's father) and the girl Erica (after her birth mother). When told she was going to have twins she said to Monica and Chandler, "Well they did say both heartbeats are strong and I thought well good cause I'm havin' a baby." When Monica and Chandler told Erica they were naming the girl after she responded with, "Wait that's just like my name."

Mindy Hunter-Farber

Introduced in season 1, Mindy was Rachel's maid-of-honor in the wedding with Barry, which Rachel walked out of (She had been having an affair with Barry). She married Barry in the season 2 finale in which Rachel was the maid-of-honor dressed—in Chandler's words—as "Little Bo Peep" and "Princess Bubble-Yum". They divorced in season 6 with Rachel saying to the others that Mindy caught Barry cheating on her with another woman. She was played by two different actresses in two different episodes.

Emily Waltham

When Rachel's boss asks her to take his niece Emily Waltham to the opera on the same night Rachel has her first "date" with Joshua, she convinces Ross to go with Emily instead. Emily is an English girl from Shropshire living in London. She and Ross end up in a bed & breakfast in Vermont at the end of the date, and the rest of their relationship is similarly fast-paced. When Emily leaves to go back to England, Ross catches her at the airport and tell her that he loves her, to which she responds "thank you." Later she reveals that she is seeing another man named Colin. She decides to end it with him and admits to Ross that she loves him too.

Mike Hannigan

When Phoebe and Joey agree to set each other up with a friend in Season 9, Joey forgets to find a date for Phoebe and lies to her, telling her he found a friend named Mike. He then shouts the name Mike in the coffee house, and when Michael "Mike" Hannigan responds, Joey convinces him to play the part of his old friend on their double date. Phoebe soon discovers Joey's trick and leaves, but Mike finds her the next day and asks her out. They date for quite a while and decide to move in together. However, while Mike is moving in, he tells Phoebe that he never wants to be married again because of what he went through in his last divorce. Phoebe decides that she shouldn't be in a relationship with no future and breaks up with Mike, but finds it impossible to get over him. When in the last episode of the season, Phoebe's long-lost boyfriend David arrives in New York and is convinced by Chandler (although Chandler didn't mean to give David advice) to propose to her to make her forget about Mike, Monica warns Mike.

Janice Litman Goralnik

Janice Litman Goralnik is portrayed as an extremely annoying character with a loud nasally New-York accent, very loud laughter, and an extravagant fashion sense with her trademark expression "OH MY GOD!" (causing some to speculate that she is a parody of Fran Drescher). Though she is Chandler's girlfriend from the start of the show, she isn't seen until the fifth episode, when Chandler enlists Phoebe to help him break up with her. Later that season, Chandler invites her to a New Year's party in a desperate attempt to have someone to kiss, but once again decides that she is too annoying and finishes with her before midnight. After a few episodes, Chandler and Janice hook up again after she turns out to be his blind date set up unknowingly by Joey. He breaks up with her again the next day (after they sleep together) which happens to be Valentine's Day.

Charlie Wheeler

Charlie Wheeler Charlie Wheeler is a paleontology professor and colleague of Ross's, played by Aisha Tyler, who first appears in The One With The Soap Opera Party. She dates both Joey and Ross, respectively, but breaks up with Ross when her old boyfriend, Dr. Hobart, played by Greg Kinnear, returns in her life. Ross is up for a big grant, although Charlie's ex-boyfriend is in charge of who gets it. Dr. Hobart tries to trade -- Ross breaks up with Charlie and he'll get the grant. Eventually, Charlie and Dr. Hobart reconcile after he reveals his feelings for her.

Carol Willick

Carol Willick is a sixth grade teacher and Ross' ex-wife, played at first by Anita Barone (in one episode) and then by Jane Sibbett. She left Ross shortly before the first episode of the show, when she realized she was a lesbian. In the years prior to the show, Carol and Ross regularly hung out together with the rest of the gang: in one episode Phoebe admits to missing Carol's presence at their get-togethers.
Early in the show, she reveals that she is pregnant with Ross' child (in this episode she is played by Anita Barone); near the end of the first season, she gives birth to baby Ben. In Season 2, she marries her life partner Susan Bunch.

Richard Burke

Played by Tom Selleck, Richard Burke, M.D. is a handsome ophthalmologist who is 21 years older than Monica and close friends with her parents. They fall in love when she caters a party for him in the middle of Season 2 and have a very close and deep relationship until the last episode of the season, when Monica discovers that Richard isn't willing to have any more kids. Because she is sure she wants children, Monica decides she cannot continue the relationship and they break up. Monica describes getting over Richard as the "hardest thing [she] ever had to do", and when they get back together in Season 3, they decide to promptly end their new relationship before it goes any further than sex. Dr. Burke makes a final appearance in the last episode of Season 6, interfering with Chandler's plans to propose to Monica, stating that he is finally willing to get married and have children.

Mr. Zelner

Mr. Zelner, introduced in season 5, is Rachel's boss at Ralph Lauren. Rachel inadvertently kisses him during her job interview but still gets hired. He also has a son, Ross, who is interested in dinosaurs, which Ross (Geller) uses as an avenue to convince him to offer Rachel her job back when she's fired after being caught interviewing for a job with Gucci. He also thinks that Ross's (Geller) name is "Ron."


Kim, introduced in season 5, is another of Rachel's bosses at Ralph Lauren. Upset that she doesn't get a say in any decisions made on the smoking break, Rachel pretends that she smokes to air her opinions to her boss. She encourages her boss and other colleague to quit smoking, but catches them smoking anyway. Rachel's boss believes that Rachel has really tried her hardest to give up, so threatens that she will lose her job if she catches her smoking again. Appearing once again in season 6, she appears to begin liking Rachel after she gossips about Phoebe's alleged kiss with Ralph Lauren. Kim mistakenly believes it was in fact Rachel who kissed him, trying to get Kim's job. She changes her mind when she sees Ralph give Rachel 'the coldest look she's ever seen'.

Barry Farber

Barry Farber was engaged to Rachel Green, before she left him at the alter. Barry later married Mindy Farber who happens to be her best friend but divorced in season 6 after he cheated on her with another woman. He is an orthodontist. Although in "The Pilot" it as said that his last name was Finkle. But then in the next few episodes he is referred to as Barry Farber.

Mark Robinson

Mark Robinson was introduced in Season 3 as a customer at the 50s diner "Moondance" where Monica was employed. Overhearing a whining conversation between Rachel and Monica he offers to help Rachel get a job alongside him at Bloomingdales (Rachel was employed at Fortunata Fashions after quitting her job at Central Perk to pursue her fashion career). Ross was jealous of Mark's relationship with Rachel and resentful of him. After Ross and Rachel ended their relationship, it is revealed that Mark has always had a crush and Rachel and the two went on a date, however Rachel refused to continue a romantic relationship with him due to her mourning the end of her relationship with Ross.

Pete Becker

Pete Becker was another customer of the Moondance Cafe during Monica's employment there, who overheard Monica's distressed conversations with Rachel over her own lack of a boyfriend and used the subject to ask her out himself. Monica was initially reluctant to his offers but after discovering that the $20,000 check he left her as a joke tip was actually real and that Pete was a billionare software engineer (he created the universally popular program "MOS 865", a reference to real-life program "MS-DOS"), she confronted him about trying to buy her affection but was charmed into finally accepting his offer for a date, the event of which ended up being a flight to Italy for real Italian pizza. Pete continued to try and woo her with his money and charm, including buying a restaurant and hiring her as the head chef, but she still just wasn't attracted to him physically, until he surprised her with the perfect kiss.

David, the "Scientist Guy"

First featured in The One With the Monkey, Phoebe yells at him when his loud conversation with fellow scientist Max interrupts her guitar playing. When David explains that they were talking about how beautiful she was, all is forgiven and she now wants to break the New Year's "no date" pact. Unfortunately, David is torn because he and Max were given a grant to study in Minsk. David mistakenly claims Minsk is in Russia, while it really is in Belarus.

Tag Jones

Tag Jones was Rachel's young hot assistant at Ralph Lauren. Rachel picked him for the job because of his good looks, but believed that her attraction to him would not be a problem. Soon however, he finds out that she likes him, and they begin an affair. They break up on Rachel's 30th birthday because she believed him to be too young to want the things that she wanted. He makes a reappearance on the eighth season of the show when Rachel's baby's father's identity was not yet disclosed (he was wearing a red sweater, the sweater the father left in Rachel and Joey's apartment.) He wanted to get back together but was afraid when he'd heard that she was pregnant.


Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green, a fashion enthusiast who starts working at the coffee shop, but later moves into management at Bloomingdale's and, subsequently, at Ralph Lauren. Jennifer Aniston had already appeared in several unsuccessful sitcom pilots before being cast in Friends.
Courteney Cox Arquette as Monica Geller (later Monica Geller-Bing), a chef who changes jobs often throughout the show, ending up as head chef at Javu. Courteney Cox was already an accomplished TV and film actress when she was cast, having appeared in the likes of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and with several minor roles on sitcoms such as Seinfeld and Family Ties.

Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay (later Phoebe Buffay-Hannigan, Princess Consuela Banana Hammock or Regina Phalange), an eccentric masseuse and musician. Lisa Kudrow had previously played Ursula Buffay on Mad About You and would reprise the dual role of twin sister Ursula as a recurring character during several seasons of Friends. Kudrow was cast in the pilot of Frasier in the role of Roz, but the part was later re-cast with Peri Gilpin in the role.

Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani, (other aliases include Josef Stalin, Holden McGroin and Ken Adams) a struggling actor who becomes famous for his role on Days of our Lives as Dr. Drake Ramoray. LeBlanc had appeared as Vinnie Verducci in Married... with Children in the early 1990s and starred in that sitcom's short-lived spin-off, Top of the Heap, as well as in the unrelated Vinnie & Bobby, but before that had mainly been focusing on advertising and modeling work when he was cast as Joey Tribbiani. After the show ended, a spin-off, Joey was created focusing on Leblanc's character; it wasn't as successful, having been cancelled after two incomplete seasons.

Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing (Ms. Chanandler Bong), an executive in statistical analysis and data reconfiguration for a large multi-national corporation. He is later a junior copywriter at an advertising agency and marries longtime friend Monica Geller. Like Aniston, Perry had already appeared in several unsuccessful sitcom pilots before being cast.

David Schwimmer as Ross Geller, Monica's older brother, a paleontologist working at a museum of Prehistoric History and later a professor of paleontology at New York University. The character of Ross was written with David Schwimmer in mind; having auditioned for Crane and Kauffman in the past, Schwimmer was said to have a memorable voice and was mostly known for his Broadway work. He also appeared in The Wonder Years as the boyfriend and eventual husband of lead character Kevin Arnold's older sister Karen.
During the show's run, the cast all achieved household name celebrity status, and all pursued careers in the movies, with varied success. Aniston's movie career is predominantly populated with light romantic comedies including The Good Girl, Bruce Almighty, Along Came Polly, Rumor Has It and The Break Up.

Cox made several lightweight films and achieved her greatest success with the Scream series, in which she costarred with her husband, David Arquette, who had made a guest appearance as Ursula's stalker in Friends. This was followed by the critically acclaimed TV series, Dirt, that portrayed her as a ruthless editor of a two-bit tabloid magazine.

Kudrow fared best in low budget indie films, most notably The Opposite of Sex and Happy Ending, and also films like the comedy hit Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion and Analyze This. She also had her own series in HBO called "The Comeback (TV series)" where she played Valerie Cherish. Most recently Kudrow played a main character alongside Hilary Swank in 2007's P.S. I Love You.

Perry co-starred in the Canadian mafia comedy The Whole Nine Yards and its sequel The Whole Ten Yards along with Bruce Willis, who had also made guest appearances on the show. He also starred in the romantic comedy Fools Rush In. He also starred as the title character in the critically acclaimed The Ron Clark Story, and has since co-starred in TV drama Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and an episode of Scrubs titled "My Unicorn" as Murray. He has also played the leading role of the film Numb which, whilst released straight to DVD, has gained an appreciation and collection of high praise from critics.

Matt LeBlanc took a leading role in Lost in Space and starred as the boyfriend of Alex (Lucy Liu) in Charlie's Angels. He also reprised his role as Joey Tribbiani in the show's spin off series, Joey.

In 2001, Schwimmer co-starred as Capt. Herbert Sobel in the TV mini-series Band of Brothers. The same year, he and Friends guest star Hank Azaria led the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising against the Nazis in Uprising. In 2005, Schwimmer starred as the voice for the giraffe Melman in the movie Madagascar, a role which he will reprise in 2008 for Madagascar 2. David Schwimmer directed ten episodes of Friends and two of Joey. His big directorial debut Run Fatboy Run was released on March 28, 2008.

Behind the scenes, the show was known for its unusually cohesive and unified cast. The six main actors made deliberate efforts, from early on, to keep the show's ensemble format and not allow one member to dominate; notably for a show of its length, the six principals each appeared in every episode of the run. This included requesting that all actors on the show be nominated either for the same category of award (Supporting Actor until 2001, then Lead Actor from 2002 onwards) or not at all, and entering collective instead of individual salary negotiations. The actors became such close friends that one guest star, Tom Selleck, reported sometimes feeling left out. The cast remained good friends after the show's run, most notably Cox and Aniston, with Aniston being godmother to Cox and David Arquette's daughter, Coco. In their official farewell commemorative Friends 'Til The End, they each separately acknowledged in their interviews that the cast had become their family.


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Friends is an American sitcom about a group of friends in the area of Manhattan, New York City. It was originally broadcast from 1994 to 2004 in a total of 236 episodes. It was created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, and produced by Kevin S. Bright (Warner Bros.), Marta Kauffman and David Crane. The show has been broadcast in more than one hundred countries and still continues to attract good ratings for its episodes in syndication. The final episode of the show was watched by an estimated US audience of 51.1 million. From the 10 years run, the show had won 7 Emmys, including one for Outstanding Comedy Series. It also received a Golden Globe, 2 SAG Awards, and 56 other various awards with 152 nominations.


Género: Drama

Nacionalidad: Francia

Dirección: Olivier Assayas

Reparto: Juliette Binoche, Charles Berling, Jérémie Renier, Edith Scob, Dominique Reymond, Valerie Bonneton, Isabelle Sadoyan, Kyle Eastwood, Alice de Lencquesaing, Emile Berling, Jean-Baptiste Malartre

Sinopsis: Los caminos de tres hermanos chocan cuando su madre, encargada de gestionar la excepcional colección de arte del siglo XIX que perteneció a su tío, muere repentinamente. Los tres se verán obligados a entenderse y a limar sus diferencias. Adrienne es una diseñadora con éxito en Nueva Yok, Frédéric, un economista y profesor universitario en París y Jérémie, un dinámico hombre de negocios asentado en China. Los tres deberán enfrentarse al fin de su niñez, las memorias compartidas, sus orígenes y su particular visión del futuro.

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Género: Drama

Nacionalidad: Italia

Dirección: Matteo Garrone

Reparto: Salvatore Cantalupo, Gianfelice Imparato, Maria Nazionale, Toni Servillo

Sinopsis: Poder, dinero y sangre: estos son los valores a los que los residentes de la provincia de Nápoles y Caserta tienen que enfrentarse cada día. Casi nunca tienen la posibilidad de elegir, y casi siempre están obligados a obedecer las reglas del “sistema” de la Camorra. Sólo un pocos afortunados pueden llegar a pensar en llevar una vida normal.
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Género: Drama

Nacionalidad: Francia

Dirección: Nicolas Klotz

Reparto: Mathieu Amalric, Michael Lonsdale, Laetitia Spigarelli, Jean-Pierre Kalfon, Valérie Dréville, Edith Scob, Lou Castel, Delphine Chulliot

Sinopsis: Simon tiene cuarenta años, es psicólogo en el departamento de recursos humanos de SC Farb, un complejo petroquímico que es la filial en Francia de una gran multinacional alemana. Su trabajo consiste fundamentalmente en entrevistar a posibles trabajadores, hasta el día que recibe un encargo especial. Karl Rose, codirector de la empresa junto a Mathias Just, le pide que haga una evaluación psiquiátrica de este último. Simon se ve atrapado entre sus dos jefes, e intenta, desde su objetividad profesional, cumplir el encargo de la forma más aséptica posible. Pero ante Just no es posible permanecer al margen: esa mente es el horror de la noche más negra, y está poblada de fantasmas…
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